About Us

Synergy Integrated Medical Centre is introducing a new concept in health care to the residents of Dubai. The aim is to combine conventional medicine with complementary forms of therapy in order to provide a completely holistic (treat the person as a whole) health care model.

Synergy was established in Dubai in November 2006, and has been a member of Top Medical Group since June 2011. With innovative ideas and a fresh new approach to health, it quickly set the standard in Dubai for health centres that integrate conventional with alternative medicine. Because we focus on professionalism and on creating results, our clients have been very satisfied and have spread the word. We are proud of our reputation in Dubai Community.

This integrated approach will give us more treatment options for improvement in both physical health and emotional well-being. We combine the advantages of alternative and complementary therapies, which emphasize lifestyle modifications, nutrition, preventative strategies and non-drug interventions, with conventional medicine for its ability to diagnose disease pathology, and provide intervention when surgery, antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs, and urgent care are required.

We strive to provide safe and efficient health solutions for our patients, and integrated medical care can provide us with many more options and opportunities to treat or prevent health problems.



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