Dr. Adham Alameddin

Aviation Medicine

General Practitioner

Occupational Health

Fluent in English, Bulgarian and Arabic Dr. Adham Alameddin has more than 12 years of medical practice experience in Dubai, where he started his career in 1998 at Dr. Akel’s General Medical Clinic and GMCClinics as GP, Urologist, and Occupational Physician.
Dr. Alameddin is qualified as a General Practitioner since 1992 and holder of Masters Degree in Urology since 1996.
During the last few years, Dr. Alameddin has been deeply involved in Occupational Medicine field. With his diploma in Occupational Medicine from Otago University/New Zealand and Oil & Gas UK Accreditation, he provides medical services to different companies (hospitality, oil, airlines…etc) and individuals, according to the highest international standards in Occupational Medicine.

Dr. Adham is a certified Aero medical examiner for the Civil Aviation Authorities since 2010

Dr. Parviz Rashvand

ND (Can.)
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Member of the Canadian Naturopathic Association

UAE Certified Naturopathic Doctor
Quantum Medical Specialist

Dr Parviz is a pioneer in many areas of Naturopathic Medicine in the UAE. He is trained both in conventional and natural medicine and has studied dentistry partially. He combines many different natural modalities. Dr. Parviz is extremely passionate about helping patients suffering from cancer, MS, autism and other severe auto-immune and degenerative conditions. He says: “Naturopathy is the art of improving quality of health” and he sees amazing results.

Dr. Rachel Hayek

General Practitioner, MD

Aviation Medical Examiner: GCAA, FAA, EASA, CASA & Transport Canada designated AME.

Dr Rachel is a dual Lebanese and French Citizen who is fluent in English, Arabic and French and has over 20 years of experience in General Medicine Practice.

As a graduate of the University Claude Bernard (France) in 1991, Dr Rachel trained in key hospitals in Lyon, France. Her training is wide and extensive covering various fields of medical treatment including emergency, intensive care, internal medicine and surgery.

After completing her Post graduation studies, Dr Rachel ran her own private practice successfully for several years, along with a key role in hospital practice in Lebanon.

Dr. Rachel is also an Aviation Medical Examiner, trained in the USA and authorized since 2006 by the GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority), to conduct all aviation class medical assessments.

She has been appointed since 2012 by the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority/ USA) and CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority/ Australia ) as a designated AME in Dubai –UAE, to conduct medical examinations for all aviation classes.

In 2013, Dr. Hayek got designated by EASA (European Aviation Safety Authority), and in February 2014, she was appointed by Transport Canada.

She is also a member of French Order of Physicians and Lebanese Order of Physicians and has 20 years of experience in General Medicine and Hospital Practice. Dr Rachel had been a part of Dr. Akel's General Medical Clinic – (GMC) for the last 10 years before joining the Synergy Integrated Medical Centre in Al Wasl Road, Dubai.

With her friendly approach and pro-active attitude, she is able to offer her knowledge and medical experience to the Dubai community. She strongly believes in Preventive Medicine and patient education, and has developed an extensive base of loyal families and individuals who rely on her patient care.

As a GP, she can provide care on all aspects of family health, from children to elderly, including diagnosis, treatment and management of acute and chronic illness, vaccinations, and most of all, preventive education adapted to the Dubai lifestyle.

Dr. Mitre Nejkov

Specialist General Surgeon 

European Board Surgeon 
more than 20 years experience 
Graduated General Medicine 1992 Doctor of Medicine 
Fellow ship 1995 - 2000 - General Surgery 
University Hospital - Medical University - St Ciril and Methodius Skopje Macedonia 
Medical Academy Belgrade - Yugoslavia 
Medical Academy Sofia - Bulgaria
Medical Academy Plovdiv - Bulgaria 
2000 - 2012 Macedonia Polyclinic Eskulap, General Hospital -Veles
Surgical Department, University Hospital General Surgery Department 
2012 - 2014 - Medwin Medical Center, Al Garhoud Hospital 
2014 June - 2015 January – Neuro Spinal Hospital 
Experience in field of Surgery 
- Traumatology and Burns 
-Abdominal Surgery and Hernia Reapair Surgery 
-Breast Surgery 
-Colorectal pathology 
-Skin Surgery and Laser Surgery 
-Corrective and reconstructive Surgery 
-Haemorrhoidal Surgery with laser 
Advanced Laser Surgery Procedures 
-Skin and Perianal pathology with Laser Assisted Procedures 
Special Interest in:
Advanced Laser Assisted Procedures 
Skin Surgery, Perianal Pathology 
Macedonian Chamber of Doctors 
Association of Private Doctors in Macedonia 
Balkan Association of reconstructive Surgeons 
European Association of Surgeons